The Sener Knowledge Network

The Sener Knowledge Network

What makes us so knowledgeable? Simple: Sener Knowledge has a really great network and knows how to use it.

Although many projects are conducted by me personally, Sener Knowledge is also affiliated with a corps of highly skilled practitioners and small organizations who are used as subcontractors on selected projects. Sener Knowledge is also connected to a huge network comprising many hundreds of colleagues who are highly skilled and knowledgeable in a wide array of areas related to online and technology-enabled education. Many of them are pioneers and leaders who among the most highly respected members of the field. All of them know more about some aspect of the field than we do. So we seek synergy: to pool, connect, and leverage that knowledge to create effective, improved, transformative outcomes.

Here are some of the organizations with which we've collaborated in the past:

  • The Babson Survey Research Group (Babson Park, MA) in the Arthur M. Blank Center for Entrepreneurial Research at Babson College conducts regional, national, and international research projects, including survey design, sampling methodology, data integrity, statistical analyses and reporting.
  • Sener Knowledge is a member of The National University Telecommunications Network (NUTN) (Dallas, TX), an organization which "provides dynamic professional development opportunities in support of emerging and current technology applications to professionals involved in higher education."
  • Sloan Consortium's (Newburyport, MA)'s Institutional Assistance Program provides consulting services to Sloan-C Premium Members who are developing and improving their online learning programs.
  • The TLT Group (Takoma Park, MD) helps educational institutions, associations, and corporations "improve teaching and learning with technology, while helping them cope with continual change" by "making more appropriate and cost-effective use of information technology without sacrificing what matters most."
  • Transforming Leaders, LLC (Towson, MD) provides "transformational professional development programs and services for educational and business organizations. We focus on online training and course designs using Quality Matters standards for higher education and businesses."
  • Raven Rocks Resources (Bluemont, VA) provides consultation and program development services focused on reinvention and diversification of products and services, quality improvement, customer service, training and development.

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