The De-Schooling Scenarios: (2) Free Learning Rules

The second of the "de-schooling" scenarios -- Free Learning Rules, can be summarized as “openness wins.” One way to understand the related worldview of education is captured in t

More on NUTN "Six Scenarios" Panel & Virtual Worlds

In my previous post, I invited my fellow panelists to add their thoughts and impressions.

"Six Scenarios" NUTN Panel Smashing Success

Our "Is the New Normal Anything But?" panel at the recent 2010 NUTN Summit rocked! Thanks to Susan Kannel, Lisa Cheney-Steen, and Cynthia Calongne, my

The De-Schooling Scenarios: (1) Free Market Rules

Two of the six scenarios -- Free Market Rules and Free Learning Rules envision the dissolution of formal education under the pressure of “free market” or “free learning” forces respectiv

The Improvement Scenarios: New and Improved, Quantum Leap

The improvement scenarios -- New and Improved, Quantum Leap -- describe futures in which education is improved relative to what we have now.

Seven Futures of Cyberized Education: Revising the Six Scenarios...

The six scenarios which I've developed to describe the future of cyberized education needed a little tweaking, so here is a revised version...

A Brief History of E-Learning

E-learning can be defined in two distinct ways: narrowly and broadly. Its history depends on how the term is being used.

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