Grantwriting as Collaborative Strategic Planning

Grantwriting as Collaborative Strategic Planning

Getting a grant or contract funded is quite often a collaborative effort. Grant writing itself requires specialized skills, but rather than taking a "hired gun" approach, Sener Knowledge approaches grant writing as an integral part of a collaborative strategic planning process -- figuring out specifically what the parties involved want to do, whether they can do it, and how.

Sener Knowledge typically takes one of two roles in a 'grant writing as collaborative strategic planning' process:

  • Lead Grantwriter = heading the grantwriting process for a team of project stakeholders preparing a grant proposal, including the strategic planning which occurs as part of an effective proposal -- for example, the FIPSE-funded Quality Matters grant proposal
  • Grantwriter Team Member = responsible for one or more relevant sections of a grant proposal for projects where Sener Knowledge plays an important role, for example as external evaluator in the CyberWatch projects.

Some examples of successfully funded grant proposals:




9/08-present: External Evaluator, CyberWatch II
National Science Foundation, Advanced Technological Education program

Team Member


7/03-6/06: Principal Grantwriter, Project Evaluator, MarylandOnline/Quality Matters
U.S. Department of Education, Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE)



9/05-10/09: External Evaluator, CyberWatch
National Science Foundation, ATE program

Team Member

$3 million

7/01-12/02: Principal Grantwriter, Project Evaluator, MarylandOnline/Project Synergy
Maryland State Department of Education



7/98-6/00: Grantwriter, Project Director, Northern Virginia CC/Online Degree Program Development
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation



7/96-6/98: Grant Co-Writer, Project Director, NVCC/ AS Engineering Degree Program Development Completion
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation